Day 4: and the judging continues…


The students had a very successful morning during the judging process and it was great to see so many smiles coming out of the Exhibit Hall as we gathered for lunch.

The CWSF Ambassadors here have been a wonderful resources to have at our fingertips and have done a great job promoting the importance of science. I genuinely feel that this has already been a valuable experience for our students that are representing us at the 2013 Fair in Lethbridge, and I know that they will go back to their respective hometowns and share what they have learned. There is a common thread in the conversations that are happening here in between sessions, and I honestly believe that this fair, much like those that have preceded it, will cause a ripple effect. This will hopefully encourage students to start thinking about things more critically, as well as developing a better understanding of the opportunities available for them in different Scientific fields.

Only a couple hours left of judging… and then on to a relaxing evening of movies, or outside fun on the University grounds (and potentially a rematch from last nights game of soccer).

Mr. Sweezey


2 thoughts on “Day 4: and the judging continues…

    • Thanks so much. Some of the students from Fundy got the entire exhibit hall to sing to him during the public viewings! I think he enjoyed it as he was all smiles.

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