Day 4: Judging Day

BKMXG1tCUAAXXv0Yesterday afternoon provided a great experience for the students to try out and attempt the latest innovations in science. However, the part they probably most enjoyed was actually having some time to themselves to relax and de-stress before the judging which is taking place this morning. Some took it easy in their dorms, while others went to the soccer field behind the Student Union Building to have a Canada wide soccer game. It was amazing to see so many students from across Canada coming together to share in such a simple game (overtime in Game 7 couldn’t even pull them away from it).

Last night before soccer we had an impromptu rehearsal session with all of the students gathered in one room to listen and discuss the projects. It was great to witness this discussion; especially for the younger ones who seemed to be taking notes for next year.

This morning was focused as the students got dressed up an ready for their first judging session. They all seemed at ease walking this morning, ready to take on the judges. I know that they will represent New Brunswick well and can’t wait to hear about their experiences from this morning.

Mr. Sweezey


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