Day 7: Final day at CWSF 2013…


There was an amazing atmosphere in the ENMAX Centre last night during the awards ceremony. New Brunswick had an impressive showing last night. Out of the 481 finalists, we brought 11 to the National Fair. With this small proportion, we still ended up with 4 Bronze medals.

We couldn’t be happier with the result and are very proud of all our finalists. Once the awards were handed out you could see the students discussing and dissecting the winning entries, in an attempt to learn and refine their own work for the upcoming years. It seems as though many have caught the bug, and are ready to create, experiment and design new projects that will bring them to Windsor next year.

This morning many are going around the exhibit hall looking at all the different projects and sharing ideas. There is definitely a different atmosphere, as many know that the fair is quickly drawing to an end and the friendships they’ve made will be tough to maintain once they return to New Brunswick. This team has come together and it has been an absolute pleasure to be a delegate for this group.

This afternoon is tear down and then on to downtown Lethbridge for some shopping!

Mr. Sweezey


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